15 February, 2024

We are now the first Hardwood Sawmill among the members of Svenskt Trä and the Hardwood Sawmill Committee

Johan Ingvarsson, CEO Österbymo Hardwood and KG List

The proportion of hardwood trees in the Swedish forest is increasing and today constitutes one fifth of the total timber supply on Swedish forest land. With the long-term aim of increasing interest in refining hardwood, a Hardwood Sawmill Committee within Svenskt Trä was started last year. In 2024, the Hardwood Sawmill Committee will focus on developing the group and identifying the issues that the hardwood sawmills see as most important. One of the hardwood sawmills included in the newly started committee; Österbymo Hardwood, which is part of the KG List group, has now also chosen to become members of Svenskt Trä.
– We look forward to our membership in Svenskt Trä and to being able to participate and represent the hardwood sawmills there. We are sure that under a joint organization we can create greater added value for the hardwood that is sawn in Sweden, says Johan Ingvarsson, CEO of KG List.

– We at Svenskt Trä see that there is great potential in using more hardwood from Swedish forests, and are therefore very happy that we now also have a hardwood sawmill as a member. We believe that an increased interest in refining hardwood can also lead to an increased interest among many forest owners in managing hardwood forests in order to produce sawable assortments. In this way, we see a clear connection to the Forest Industry’s Future Agenda, where one of the promises is that by 2040 Sweden will have viable forests with a richer biological diversity, says Anna Ryberg Ågren, director at Svenskt Trä.

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