26 March, 2024

Staircase manufacturing at KG List

Hardwood staircase manufactured by KG List

KG List has the expertise and capacity for staircase manufacturing to deliver Swedish-made staircases to house manufacturers nationwide. As Sweden’s leading manufacturer of hardwood edge-glued panels, we can optimize material usage and produce both components and finished staircases.

We are an experienced partner offering comprehensive solutions to our customers – from raw material to processed and surface-treated products. Through investments in a modern and efficient machinery, along with our skilled workforce, we ensure the flexibility needed to tailor the product‘s characteristics to meet customer requirements. Our staircase manufacturing maintains high standards in processing and exhibits excellent finishing quality. We have the capability to optimize material usage and manufacture both components and finished staircases.

Access to high-quality Swedish timber and our own sawmill in Österbymo provides us with unique advantages in terms of flexibility, logistics, and delivery reliability.

Staircase manufacturing at KG List adds value

  • In-house production of staircase components
  • Optimization program for staircase production
  • Consistently high quality standard in processing
  • High-quality finishing
  • Made-to-order to meet customer needs
  • Proudly Swedish-made
  • Experienced collaboration partner

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