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Sustainability built
into the product


We at KG List work actively to reduce our environmental impact. We view it as natural to take responsibility for protecting the conditions that people, plants and animals need to survive. Since 2000, we have been working with an environmental management system where the environmental mindset is inextricably woven into our everyday work on a par with finance, business development and technology..

Sustainability built into the product

Our products are made of solid wood, which is a renewable natural material. In addition, forests bind carbon dioxide as they grow, which means that products made of wood actually contribute to reducing environmental impact. Swedish hardwood products are therefore the self-evident choice for everyone looking to make a contribution to sustainable development.

Circular production

On account of our location in the heart of the Småland region, we are surrounded by fine raw material from Swedish forests. The proximity to this raw material and our own hardwood sawmill in Österbymo put us in a peerless position when it comes to flexibility, logistics and delivery reliability. Minimised transport and efficient logistics mean that we at KG List are speaking literally when we talk of locally sourced and sustainable production.

In fact, production at KG List is emission-free, and we take care to make full use of the raw material. Shavings, woodchip and residual waste from the production process are used as biofuel to heat our own buildings and other properties as well. Chemical consumption in the production process is kept to a minimum, and the glue we use to make our edge-glued panels generates little environmental impact during the production process and in the end product itself.



FSC® certified

Choosing solid wood products entails making an eco-friendly decision. In many cases, the raw material used comes from certified Swedish forests. KG List is FSC® certified, which means that we undertake to abide by international standards for forestry and traceability. In this way, we are working to promote environmentally adapted, socially responsible and financially viable utilisation of the world’s forests.

A working relationship with KG List opens up the opportunity to affix an environmental label to your products. It is often a strong sales argument to state that the wood material stems from responsible forestry that shows consideration for people and the environment. Contact us if you would like to find out more about the possibilities for environmental labelling.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We at KG List have chosen to work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a part of our systematic improvement initiatives.
The operation shoulders its responsibility in this regard by integrating financial, environmental and social aspects of the strategic and operative work with production and products. This covers the entire value chain for customers, suppliers and the company

Our employees are our most important asset! Good health and well-being constitute fundamental preconditions for our capacity to perform and our ability to fulfil our full potential. Each and every employee is to be aware of his/her importance to the operation as a whole, and must know that every part has a role to play. Committed employees who enjoy their work are also ambassadors for the company. This translates into success and development for ourselves, the company and society in general.

Our organisation is to reflect diversity in society. Working actively with equality and equal opportunities translates into enhanced well-being, productivity and profitability.
Work in this respect also has to do with creating opportunities for individuals for groups, irrespective of gender, religion, disability, age, gender-fluid identity, ethnic affiliation or sexual orientation

We work actively with sustainable, reliable and renewable energy, and clean fuel is a precondition for our ability to help tackle several of the challenges that the world is facing today, including poverty, climate change and inclusive growth.

Reduce negative impact on the climate, environment and people’s health. Sustainable production makes us more competitive. Reducing discards and material waste is a project that is being carried out with the involvement of all areas, from sales and purchasing to every employee associated with the process. Reduce transports and buffer stocks in production. In the long term, phase out harmful chemicals.

An individual environmental declaration on our products:
• Where the timber comes from and whether it is certified timber
• The carbon impact generated by the product as a raw material and in our own production
• How much waste the product generated
• What the product generated in the form of tax revenue or other benefit to society.


In our environmental policy, we actively reject the following:

• Trade in illegal wood products.
• Breaches of human rights in connection with felling operations and trade in wood products.
• Destruction of forests exceptionally worthy of conservation.
• Conversion of natural forest into planted woods or non-forestry operations.
• Genetically modified forest.
• Breach of the ILO Core Convention in the 1998 ILO Declaration on Fundamentals Principles and Rights at Work.

Contact us if you would like to know more about our work with sustainability and environmental issues, or about the possibilities for applying an environmental label to your products.

”At KG List, sustainability is built into the material. We primarily work with wood from responsibly managed Swedish hardwood forests.”


We have the right solution for your sector

KG List is one of the leading manufacturers of hardwood edge-glued panels in Sweden. From our factory in Norrhult, we deliver products of the highest quality to our customers who work in areas including kitchens, furniture, bathrooms, fine joinery, doors, windows and staircases. Our flexibility makes us a powerful subcontractor for the goods market. What can we do for you?


From forest to finished product

We believe in adding value to the product. That is why we draw inspiration from our proximity to a sustainable source of Swedish forest material and take responsibility every step of the way to a highly refined product. With raw material of the right quality, precision processing, elevated knowledge and peerless efficiency, we create superior product value at a competitive price. This gives our customers the conditions they need to produce finished goods with unmatched properties.


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