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Whistleblowing, or visselblåsning in Swedish, is a crucial mechanism designed to be implemented within companies, organizations, or communication channels, signaling the need to correct any improprieties. This term is equally relevant when an external individual raises a concern to the management.

Surewood Industries and its companies’ ambition is to have a high level of transparency and a well-developed system for both reporting and handling any irregularities or suspicions of such. Through this approach and providing Whistleblower systems, we minimize the risk of seriously harming the company, the organization or its employees.

For registration regarding activities related to KG List or any other of Surewood Industries’ companies, you can either email or use this web form. The form allows you to leave a message anonymously if you so wish. However, remember to describe the matter you want to draw attention to as clearly as possible.

We thank you for your commitment!

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