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Edge-glued panels



Edge-glued panels are made both for our stock assortment and to order, matching customer wishes and requirements, taking into account what is technically possible. The quality of the glue join determines the raw material chosen, and can vary from full-stave to finger-jointed in a variety of raw material qualities. In some cases, edge-glued panels combined with different panel materials provide the perfect solution for achieving the right product properties. For example, it is common to use pine edge-glued panels in combination with MDF or HDF.

Quality and formatting

Our production and approach make it possible to manufacture and adapt edge-glued panels in a variety of qualities, in standard formats or to match customers’ wishes and requirements.

Wood types

Edge-glued panels are made in the most common wood types on the market to match customer orders. In other words, you – the customer – decide. Our stock assortment contains the most common wood types and dimensions.

Unique properties of edge-glued panels

  • Made to order to match your requirements
  • Unique colour sorting
  • Correct moisture quota
  • Warehouse stocks
  • Full-stave and finger-jointed


Three-layer panels – Inherently rigid solid wood panels

Three-layer edge-glued panels are the perfect choice for everyone looking for inherently rigid solid wood panels. These products are made of birch, European oak and ash. Demand is high and three-layer panels make up our largest single product category today.



Components & Skirting Boards – A broad product group

Components & Skirting Boards constitute a broad product group comprising furniture components, grooved skirting boards and planed and glued components. Thanks to our flexible production apparatus, we are able to create products for a wide range of purposes within the framework of what is technically possible.


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