20 May, 2024

Product Development – Rustik Oak Decking

Decking, a superb solution for terrace flooring both indoors and outdoors. The feeling of warm natural material under bare feet while enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning sun – is there anything more delightful?

At KG List, we strive to offer sustainable solutions for our customers. With the right quality for the right product in focus. This also means taking the initiative for in-house product development and testing our ideas. Here are the latest results of our efforts to make the most of the material – decking from rustic oak. We are driven by the possibilities of hardwood, as well as material optimization, so this not our first exploration of the potential of rustic oak. Check also out our rustic three-layer edge glued panels -> HERE.

What are the expectations when installing decking?

Decking should be appealing to the eye, durable, and easy to maintain. It’s a big plus if environmental considerations can be factored in as well. By using pith, the very middle part of timber which is a material with quite limited usage, we have created rustic and environmentally friendly decking. One of the main advantages of oak decking is its minimal maintenance requirements. Oak is a naturally durable wood material that doesn’t always require impregnation or other treatment. Additionally, our use of locally sourced raw materials helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from transportation, while maximizing the value of each timber stock by utilizing as much of it as possible. Of course, it’s important to note that oak is also aesthetically appealing. The natural charm of the material further develops over time and only becomes more beautiful.

What happens next?

We continue to work on fine-tuning product details such as specific lengths and improving end cuts to minimize the workload for end customers. Our next step is to collaborate with potential customers for retailing the product. We believe that oak decking will primarily appeal to private customers for using in home environments. We are also open to collaborations with construction contractors to test the product in different environments.

Welcome to contact us if you are interested in collaborating with us!