Vi upplever just nu stor brist på råvaror i ek
3 March, 2022

The raw material situation

We are currently experiencing a considerable shortage of raw materials in oak, and with that also major supply disruptions. There are many factors around Europe that affect the current situation.

Our aim is to always be able to deliver and serve you, our customers, with the right material at the right time. We at KG List do our utmost to secure the materials, but right now there is not enough access to raw materials with the quality we need for our products. The turbulent situation also contributes to higher prices as demand is greater than supply. Other wood types are also affected, but so far not to the same extent as oak.

Therefore, we must reduce our range of three-layer panels in oak to the following sizes: 604×725, 604×874, 920×880, 604×1450, 604×2410

We produce according to the access to raw materials and unfortunately, therefore, have difficulty providing exact delivery times. We at KG List do what we can to meet the demand for our products.

We hope for your understanding. As usual, you are most welcome with your orders to and inquiries to for timely handling.

We at KG List are truly grateful to be your supplier and do everything we can to serve our customers in the best possible way.

Welcome with your inquiries!
KG List