Edge-glued panels - As the customer wants it


Edge-glued panels are manufactured both for our stock range and to each customer’s order to the extent that is technically possible. The quality required for our edge-glued panels determines the selection of raw materials and can range from full stave to finger jointed panels in different qualities of raw material. Edge-glued panels in combination with different veneers is sometimes the solution to achieve the correct product characteristics. The usual combination is pine edge-glued panels with MDF or HDF.


Our manufacturing and glueing method makes it possible to adapt the quality of the panels to the customer’s requirements. With hardwood, knotless quality is the most common choice, while pine is manufactured in both knotless and pin knot quality. Our method of manufacture makes our products unique in their colour range and structure.


Edge-glued panels are supplied in uncut form or cut to the desired length. The thickness of the panel is equalised in our wide belt finishing machine to a standard 80 grit, but you can also choose finishing at 120 or 150 grit.

Types of wood

Edge-glued panels are manufactured in the most usual types of wood on the market to the customer’s order. You as the customer choose what you want. We keep the most popular wood types and dimensions in stock, and these are detailed under the Stock range menu. We are continually adding new products here.



Unique properties for Edge-glued panels

  • Tailored to your own requirements

  • Unique range of colours

  • Correct moisture quota

  • In stock

  • Full stave and finger jointed panels

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