Three-layer panels - Stable panels of solid wood


Three-layer panels are the perfect material for those who want a stable shaped panel of solid wood. The product is manufactured in birch, European oak, ash, American alder and walnut. Demand is high and three-layer panels are now our largest single product.

Three-layer panels are manufactured for stock in sizes tailored to industry requirements. However, these sizes can vary somewhat depending on the type of wood and demand. Three-layer panels can also be made to order in non-standard formats and also with more layers than three. For instance, 30 mm five-layer panels are a perfect choice for table tops. Three-layer panels, like five-layer panels, can be bonded with different types of wood, giving a pleasant feel; for example, we combine birch and walnut as “Black and White”. Let us know if you want to know more about five-layer panels.

Unique properties for Three-layer panels

  • Exclusive appearance

  • Stable edge-glued panels

  • Choice of face colour

  • Ready in our warehouse

  • Tailored standard sizes

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