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We think laminate

Laminated wood sums up KG List’s range of products. Some form of laminated wood in hardwood or pine is in all of our products. Our modern manufacturing methods also make it possible to combine different materials. Edge-glued panels in combination with layers of MDF, HDF or other material is a common combination, giving unique properties while optimising the value of the materials to obtain a dimensionally stable product.

Inspirational end products

Under the References menu, we show photographs taken on site of products where we are subcontractors. We hope this inspires you with new ideas and gives you a clear picture of what we can produce and offer you as our customer.

Raw material

Our raw material is purchased as sawn planks and boards or as ready dried smaller pieces. Because they are highly processed, these smaller pieces are a raw material which has many advantages and constitutes a growing share of our purchases. Depending on the type of timber we select, the country of origin can vary widely. Birch and pine in planks and boards come from Sweden. Hardwood comes from Eastern Europe. Walnut and American alder come from North America.

Moisture quota

The moisture content of wood as a raw material is of great significance to how the wood behaves. We have over the years realised the importance of having a correctly acclimatised raw material as the basis of our products. Today we have two reconditioning buildings, fitted with equipment to either add or reduce moisture. We maintain an even relative humidity of 37 per cent, which corresponds to about 6–8 per cent moisture quota.

Our products

Three-layer panels

Three-layer panels are the perfect material for those who want a stable shaped panel of solid wood. The product is manufactured in birch, European oak, ash, American alder and walnut. Demand is high and three-layer panels are now our largest single product.

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Edge-glued panels

Edge-glued panels are manufactured both for our stock range and to each customer’s order to the extent that is technically possible. The quality required for our edge-glued panels determines the selection of raw materials and can range from full stave to finger jointed panels in different qualities of raw material.

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Components and Mouldings

Components and Mouldings is a broad product group consisting of furniture components and a variety of mouldings with planed and glued components. By means of our flexible production process, we can create products for many different uses, to the extent that is technically possible.

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