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Cutting boards

Our own-manufacture, untreated cutting boards are top quality! Carefully selected materials that are sorted and glued vertically by our skilled personnel. A perfect present to give away to customers or employees, as we also offer the option of having your own text or logo milled into the board.


Edge-glued full-stave products are primarily made to order to match customers’ wishes. However, we also maintain stocks of some full-stave products to cover fast deliveries in both large and small volumes. The table presents the standard sizes you can choose between. Edge-glued panels are made in an A/B quality, with 120 grit sanding on the A-side and 80 grit sanding on the B-side. If you have special requests regarding type of wood, dimensions, CNC processing and surface treatment, you are most welcome to send us an enquiry.

Round stave

Sold in running metres, falling lengths

Three-layer panels

Three-layer edge-glued panels are the perfect choice for everyone looking for inherently rigid solid wood panels. Three-layer panels are stocked in standard sizes and they are principally used for doors for kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. The inherently rigid structure combined with a neatly colour-sorted front side make three-layer panels also ideal for furniture, shelves and worktops. As the name suggests, three-layer panels typically feature three layers, but we also make five-layer panels to match customer requirements, using the same wood or different types of wood for the different layers.
Article code Sort of wood Quality Thickness mm Width mm Length Info Product group Balance Uppdaterat
73416161800MCEkA/B41.506161800Ek, Limfog192021-05-24
23208402400BjörkA/B208402400Ask/Björk, Limfog12021-05-24
23308401750BjörkA/B308401750Ask/Björk, Limfog62021-05-24
23308401800BjörkA/B308401800Ask/Björk, Limfog12021-05-24
43146640720AskA/B14664720Ask/Björk, Limfog392021-05-24
43146641000AskA/B146641000Ask/Björk, Limfog162021-05-24
43146641450AskA/B146641450Ask/Björk, Limfog132021-05-24
43206641000AskA/B206641000Ask/Björk, Limfog162021-05-24
33201224Am. AlFS2012202480UtgåendeFingerskarv, Limfog192021-05-24
7322309141EkFS309134100UtgåendeFingerskarv, Limfog32021-05-24
7322309441EkFS309504100Fingerskarv, Limfog52021-05-24
7322406641EkFS406644100UtgåendeFingerskarv, Limfog32021-05-24
7922306641ValnötFS306644100UtgåendeFingerskarv, Limfog12021-05-24