6 October, 2022

Delivery disruptions

We are currently experiencing delivery disruptions and to some extent a shortage of raw materials due to the prevailing market situation and the course of events taking place in the world.

Lower access to volumes than we need to be able to provide everyone with what they require leads to a continued increase in prices for nearly all raw materials and intermediate goods. We do everything we can to continue to deliver to and serve you, our customers, with the requested material at the correct time. Despite that, the delivery times are longer than usual right now.

We are doing our utmost to try and make the best of the current situation. We kindly ask you all to be out in good time with your orders, upon which we will confirm with price and delivery time as soon as we have the raw material confirmed for us.

All of us at KG List continue to feel grateful to be your supplier and sincerely hope for your understanding!

As usual, you are warmly welcome with your orders to order@kglist.se and inquiries to info@kglist.se for timely handling.


KG List