Environment - Focusing on the environment

Our environmental management system since 2000

KG List works proactively to minimise our effect on the environment. We take it as given that we should take responsibility for conserving the essential basics of life that people, animals and plants need to continue to exist. Environmental thinking is woven into our day-to-day work along with finance and technology.

Solid wood – an environmentally friendly choice

Wood is a renewable raw material that has many advantages from an environmental viewpoint. As a raw material, in many cases it comes from certified forests. Sawdust and wood chips, which are the waste materials from manufacture, are used in biofuel. We use very little in the way of chemicals in our manufacturing process, and the glue we use in edge-glued panels produces little environmental effect during manufacture and in the end products.

Our products are the obvious choice for those who wish to contribute towards sustainable development and give you, as our customer, the right conditions to achieve eco-labelling for your end product.


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Our products

Three-layer panels

Three-layer panels are the perfect material for those who want a stable shaped panel of solid wood. The product is manufactured in birch, European oak, ash, American alder and walnut. Demand is high and three-layer panels are now our largest single product.

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Edge-glued panels

Edge-glued panels are manufactured both for our stock range and to each customer’s order to the extent that is technically possible. The quality required for our edge-glued panels determines the selection of raw materials and can range from full stave to finger jointed panels in different qualities of raw material.

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Components and Mouldings

Components and Mouldings is a broad product group consisting of furniture components and a variety of mouldings with planed and glued components. By means of our flexible production process, we can create products for many different uses, to the extent that is technically possible.

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