Ballingslöv - Three-layer panels from KG List

Most people who hear the name Ballingslöv think of kitchens, and that is exactly what put this little town in north Skåne on the map. Ballingslöv have been making kitchens for 90 years – kitchens which give Swedish homes unique everyday well-being.

Kitchens made of solid wood have always been an important part of Ballinglöv’s range, and since 1993 when KG List began to supply components to Ballingslöv, many cubic metres of solid wood have left our Norrhult factory bound for Ballingslöv.

A milestone in the long collaboration between KG List and Ballingslöv was the introduction of three-layer panels to the range in the late nineties. Market demand was for a new kitchen cabinet, more modern than the classic wood frame cabinet, and three-layer panels were born.

Manufacturing smooth three-layer panels that would be stable and stiff should not have been possible, according to the experts. But thanks to a bit of Småland stubbornness and perfect manufacture, three-layer panels are still a best seller today.

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Our products

Three-layer panels

Three-layer panels are the perfect material for those who want a stable shaped panel of solid wood. The product is manufactured in birch, European oak, ash, American alder and walnut. Demand is high and three-layer panels are now our largest single product.

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Edge-glued panels

Edge-glued panels are manufactured both for our stock range and to each customer’s order to the extent that is technically possible. The quality required for our edge-glued panels determines the selection of raw materials and can range from full stave to finger jointed panels in different qualities of raw material.

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Components and Mouldings

Components and Mouldings is a broad product group consisting of furniture components and a variety of mouldings with planed and glued components. By means of our flexible production process, we can create products for many different uses, to the extent that is technically possible.

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